This video training series from Copy Hackers gets straight to the point and answers the biggest question on marketing writers’ minds: How do you use copy to drive conversions? Copy Hackers founder Joanna Wiebe breaks down concepts like features vs. benefits on your website, using Adwords to reach customers via search, and the differences between homepage and landing page copy. Other copywriting gurus including Lianna Patch, Sam Woods, and Amy Hebdon also share their advice on how to create a great copy.
Wolf wills wissen ist der Podcast, in dem ich (Wolf) mit Experten aus unterschiedlichsten Nischen über praktisch anwendbare Tipps, Tricks und Geschichten spreche, aus denen du als Unternehmer & Selbstständiger, oder Führungskraft etwas für dich persönlich und dein Unternehmen mitnehmen kannst. Abonniere den Podcast, und erhalte jede Woche neue Impulse und Learnings aus den Interviews, die du sofort umsetzen kannst.

I think each tries to accommodate for a worldwide audience. In general, as a copywriter, you need to be prepared to write for different audiences (and a worldwide audience), especially in this digital age. And the underlying principles of copywriting will be the same, wherever you learn them – but when you come to crafting the copy itself, you’ll just have to be aware of UK/US spelling and phrasing. Good question, Evan